Transcendental events

International Craft Festival – Malasia (September 2015)

Peruvian lineage proud to be the only representative lengthways and width of all our national territory in the most important artistic Festival of Asia in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia in 2015. Presenting our Show of Northern Contemporary Tapping, a mixture of Peruvian dances where the tradition and the music join.

FITUR: International fair of tourism - Madrid (2013)

Peruvian lineage the maximum representative of Peru in the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR) in Madrid - Spain, for five years. FITUR is considered to be the most important second fair of the whole world. Being in 2013, recognized for presenting the most innovative spectacle to level of the whole fair.

Peru Has Talent (2012)

In 2012 us enrumbamos towards a television adventure. Our offer of Northern Contemporary Tapping overcame more than 1000 participants and groups of the program " Peru has talent " and we come to the great end. In addition we obtained an honourable mention for the juror as the best Peruvian group of the program.

Peru and his four roots – Beijing China (June 2005)

Peruvian lineage made to itself Peru present in the commemoration of the agreement of Free Trade - China, giving opening with a putting in scene that shows the mystical history of our cultures Be born, Moche and the Civilization Incaica. going back to 1500 years behind where the nature, the gods, traditions and religion come together in the trip of identity of our former Andean settler showing us the cultural wealth of our Peru.