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In recent years, the gastronomic boom and increased tourism in Peru have contributed to a revaluation of our cultural identity, which in turn has generated an increased demand for cultural services. However, the current supply of such cultural services has not responded to this increased demand, and there is a current, unexploited supply-gap in the market today

¿Why Linaje Peruano?

The Cultural Centre Linaje Peruano promotes Peruvian culture through the fusion of Peruvian dance classes and modern work-out sessions. Our value proposition is based not only on the benefits that our clients get from physical activity, but the revaluation of their cultural heritage that arises from participating in our courses. Through our workshops we strengthen the Peruvian national identity and union, contributing this way to the creation of a more inclusive society.

The substantial growth that Linaje Peruano has experienced in recent years (an incredible 400% from 2014-2016 and a utility on net income of 30-35%) is a reflection of this demand. We also attribute our current success to the thorough restructuring of our business model that took place in 2015. The national economic context and the mentioned economic figures show a huge potential for an expansion of our services, and we calculate that a franchisee could get a return on their investment within 24 months.

Keys to success

Our unique business model is based on the following key areas:

• Innovative courses that mix modern work-out sessions with Peruvian dances
• The quality of the teaching based on each client’s personal objectives, and instruction provided by the best exponents of each genre
• The standardized processes of our classes and use of the special methodology of the director and founder of Linaje Peruano
• The nutritional and psychological counselling that complement the ongoing assessment of our customer’s progress
• A welcoming and inspiring infrastructure for customers, with sensorial decoration (music, scents, art-work) in all offices and dance salons
• A committed team of employees and instructors, and our philosophy of customer service based on making the clients "feel at home"


If these interested in Peruvian Lineage belong to the exemption, please write to us to [email protected] Or do your consultations in the following form.