Corporate Shows and Activities

Blows of land

This shows tells a story of love and struggle expressed through dance and music. The audience is taken back to the Peruvian colonial period, where a slave confronts the owner of a Hacienda to win the heart of the women he loves. The show presents more than 15 artists on stage, with unique interpretation of the different Peruvian folkloric dances.

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Fullklore is a trademark show of Linaje Peruano, in which we highlight the best of the 3 regions of our country (the coast, the highlands and the Amazon). Our customers may choose the dances they prefer, for example a Marinera Norteña, Huaylarsh, Festejo, Valicha, Diablada, all of which are presented in a show of variable duration. We have a wide repertoire of dances and we guarantee a show according to your wishes.

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Peruvians of Pure Blood

“Peruanos de Pura Sangre” is a new show by Linaje Peruano, which highlights the footwork and tap- dances seen in Huaylarsh, Afro- Peruvian dance, Marinera Norteña and the Scissor dance. The show evolves as a “battle” between the representatives of each genre, and the dancers demonstrate the best of each dance before culminating in a group choreography that fusions all four dances.

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Brand promotion

Linaje Peruano offers an innovative strategy to promote your brand or company through a cultural show. We creating a unique script with dance and music to highlight the aspects of the business that you want to promote, and produce the show for you. This type of promotional work does not only promote your brand to external customers, but will also strengthen the branding within your company and among your workers. Our goal is that your brand, with the strategic support of Linaje Peruano, will remain in the minds of everyone.

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Innovation in Arts

"Innovation in Arts" is a workshop that seeks to improve the Peruvian cultural identity and innovation in arts through the development of creativity in an eco-friendly way.

We offer the following topics for our workshops:

• Educational tools to improve cultural identity
• Innovation and creativity development in the arts
• Strategic development of competitive advantages of the educators
• Development of soft skills
• Ecological awareness
• Customized workshops according to topics of the clients needs and wishes

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